Must haves


Gadgets in oil with a box. You can pay your order with PayPal.

“Must have Gadgets”,  art and jewelery for your Body and for the wall …


Collier, oil on masonite
3,5×4,5 cm € 75,-

Thumbnails of mice, cats, birds , faces, etc. The tiny Artworks , 7 x 7 cm painted in oil on masonite, come with a wooden box. This box has been specially created and serves not oanly as a gift box but also as a usefull frame. So the painting is all set to decorate your wall. You can leave it blanc, but you paint the box in each preferred color.

Are you looking for an original, precious and wonderful gift? You have Found it now ! This unique and exclusive small paintings are ordered for € 125 each.

collier 3 cm, € 50

collier 3 cm, € 50



Brooches, earrings and pendants are painted in oil on plywood or on masonite , 2 and 3 cm x 2.5 cm. How small can you go ? Prices starting from € 40 each.

It is also possible to order with a personalized image. So if you are looking for an exclusive, valuable and unique gift for yourself of a loved one : this is a special choice!




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