Mythology – the world of the Gods

The main characters in myths are usually gods, supernatural heroes and humans. As stories, myths are often endorsed by rulers and priests and closely linked to religion or spirituality. In the society in which it is told, a myth is usually regarded as a true account of the remote past. In fact, many societies have two categories of traditional narrative, “true stories” or myths, and “false stories” or fables..Creation myths generally take place in a primordial age, when the world had not yet achieved its current form,.and explain how the world gained its current form and how customs, institutions and taboos were established.(source: Wikipedia)

My mythological paintings “Dancing Apollo” and “Icarus” are now also shown in the VIRTUAL MUSEUM in Hall 81. I feel very honored that I a place is licensed in this amazing virtual museum!

Gyclees from “Hephaestus”, “Ares”, “Dancing Apollo” and “Icarus” are to order with me in a very limited edition of 25 pieces, in museum quality with certificate. These gyclees are manufactured by Re-Art. Re-Art is a leading digital printing company and fine art printer for artists, photographers, museums and art galleries and belongs to the select group of “Certified Studios” of the German paper manufacturer Hahnemuhle and therefore to the top of the “digital” fine art printers in the world.

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Nymph. A nymph is a Greek goddess and half Daimon who lives in nature, and is often tied to a particular place or plant species, mostly presented in the form of a graceful girl.

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