Doll making (BJD), part 2

Doll making (Ball Jointed Doll), part 2

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making arms and legs operation. Hands

30 D

Ball jointed dollecember 2016

It is a steady job. I am now modelling the legs. The joints and the hands are nearly finished (I have created double joints, then the doll can be articulated much better). Now the arms and the feet need shaping. When this is done I have to make the joints for hands and feet, but first I need the S-hooks. These are necessary to attach the elastic. Day and night the doll is in my head and then suddenly I know how to proceed and to solve a problem. I will succeed!

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all the parts are now ready

January 3

All the parts are now ready. Now come the finishing touches, such as customizing the cavities. If necessary, I have to add some clay and that then bake again. Also the eyes have to be done. After that I can string the doll with the elastic. And I still have to glue the magnets in the head. I need smaller ones than those already bought. Then, I want to make a mold and dress the doll. Hey, hey, I hope everything fits well when strung and will be able to move well.

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Completely strung BJD

4 January

So far, nice work. The doll is partly strung together, the arms not yet, but the legs are correct and equal.

5 January at 0:22

She’s is now completely strung! What a tinkering to get the elastic tight and to think that I should undo this again because this is not the right elastic. I have bleeding fingers. Anyway, she is relaxed. Now I also take a rest myself. I am now going to figure out how to do the finishing and how I’m going to dress her. So there is still enough work to do. I also plan to bundle all my notes into a booklet. For now: good night.

5 January at 14:07

Greetje from the Polder now has her first outfit. For the moment this is it. Now it is time for making the eyes and a wig. After that I can do the makeup and may-be some extra color on certain body parts. She also needs a stand because her feet are not flat. So there is still much to do.

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10 January at 15:00

Little Greetje now also has a wig. I wanted a white one, but had a lot more black hair, so with an eye on first failure I started with black hair. She still has no eyes. And no makeup. I am working on it.




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A transformation

14 January

A Transformation. Next week I’m going to make a mold.

In the following message I tell something about the shoes, makeup and more.

Doll making



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