Made in Holland, Part 2 Dionysos

Made in Holland, Part 2 Dionysos

Dionysos is known as a Greek god.

deel 2 Dionysos

Dionysos, the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine

He stands for wine and bachannals. Wikipedia.

This painting was painted in mixed media, acrylic on canvas, the size is 150×100 cm. If you look closely you will see women and also a goat with big horns. And much more. All things that belong to Dionyssos. But let’s also have your own imagination do its work.


I myself love a good glass of wine. The advantage is that you enjoy. A good wine glass frees the aroma of the wine and let your nose smell the aroma. Very important, because that is the prelude taking a sip. The smell and taste are inseparable. You smell and you taste unexpected things in wine. I take small sips, keep it long in my mouth, let it go around and let by doing so all taste buds do their work. Then I hope for a long finish, this is the afterglow.


Besides enjoying, there is great advantage for you that way, one glass can already be enough. It takes a lot longer to empty the drink. Alcohol abuse is therefore not so easily addressed. A big difference with the so-called “slobberwijn” as we say in Dutch. The name says it all: slobber means drinking hastily. The consuming goes very smoothly. That’s not to say that a very good wine can not be smooth, but the taste of such a wine is far more complex. Incidentally, there are quite simple wines of good quality. You really don’t need spend for a good, nice wine. But enjoy it, take the time to really taste it! With this you also appreciate the work of the winemaker. You do not if you carelessly baggy it inside. My contention is, if you do so then you learn quite fast what is good and what is not. So you automatically find your own favorites. And that’s the point. Cheers, I say, to your health!


Red wine also has properties that benefit health. First of all, it helps prevent anemia. It also seems to be good for the brains. And if you suffer from essential familial tremor, it helps to drink one glass of red wine a day to reduce trembling.

deel 2 Dionysos



Mythologie is vaak de bron van inspiratie. Ik probeer het goddelijke en het menselijke te verenigen in mijn schilderijen. Paarden en andere dieren, maar ook groente en fruit vindt u terug in mijn schilderijen. Portretten maak ik in opdracht. Regelmatig neem ik deel aan exposities nationaal en internationaal en heb vele prijzen gewonnen. Mijn werk is gepubliceerd in diverse uitgaven en aangekocht in binnen- en buitenland.

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