Everyone gets paid, except for the artist

Everyone gets paid, except for the artist

Attention is much needed for this subject!

On the website of the news paper NRC in The Netherlands is stated: You can always add a link to an article from a publication of NRC Media on your website. All readers get some articles from NRC for free . Therefore click on the link below , because this is absolutely important to take notice. http://www.nrc.nl/handelsblad/2016/01/23/iedereen-krijgt-betaald-behalve-de-kunstenaar-1579679 (Everyone gets paid, except for the artist). 

Everyone gets paid, except for the artist

Birgit Donker

The Article is the Dutch language and is written by Birgit Donker, director of the Mondriaan Foundation, the public fund for arts and cultural heritage. (May be the news paper has a possibility to translate the article in English). This is for me right away a great opportunity to publish now “Made in Holland , Part 6 ,” in this blog. It fits in well with the article by Birgit Donker. Part 2 of Made in Holland I will therefore publish on a later occasion.


Arts and seeking opportunities to show it.

Who is involved in art does that usually initially from an inner urge, a need. When the matter is discussed, it is often: I know someone who makes such beautiful things, but does nothing with it at all! That is not true. Because people talk about it there have been viewers and their appreciation was expressed. Whether you’re creating music, theater plays, writing poems or stories, can cook and bake delicious, you do not do this to let it grow moldy in a dark room. You have an audience, be it ever so humble. Otherwise, you may better vacuuming your room or do window cleaning (my first thought). But even then you have an audience, because your fellow residents or visitors will appreciate that you keep your house so clean and tidy.

Hobbyist or professional

You can be a great artist, one that is not so much in the limelight. Popularly known as a hobbyist or amateur. But you can also go a step further and try to make the profession here. Then you’re suddenly a professional. There’s something strange in that.

I know very good “amateurs” and terrible “professionals”. But also the reverse. For me the difference between an amateur and a professional is debatable. I would just like to say that there might be a shadowy area and has not always to do with quality or craftsmanship. It is also true that many professionals are not able to live from their art and have an extra job, a pension or other income. Amateurs or hobbyists also have a job or other income. That says nothing about talent and the quality of art. There are many other things and causes to point out.


Everyone gets paid, except for the artist

Thoughts by Rineke de Jong

Recently they did research on this subject and it turned out that most of the artists and performers earn less than € 9000, – per year. Evidently a job is necessary. Or a partner who has income. Or having a benefit.

It is not always easy, because it takes a lot of money to buy materials, presentation and to exhibit. Getting more and more exhibition opportunities depends a hefty price tag. Many artists therefore drop out because they simply can not afford it (anymore). And sometimes you even think, what for do I it, is it all in vane? I’d better be the intermediair art business. Still, you can not stop, because it is in you and it wants to express itself. So you carry on.

There is a strange phenomenon that has exist already for years now and I do not want to leave it unmentioned. Regularly artists are begged to give for free a work for charity. Strange and inappropriate, because artists are usually poor and could use some support themselves. With them, you certainly do not beg.

Everyone gets paid, except for the artist

Ares, Greek war god, by Rineke de Jong


I do not believe in suffering for art, but it is often a struggle. Mostly with yourself. If I succeeded again, it is a victory with its euphoric feeling. Art enriches life. Art is also a very healthy activity (if you do not have to live from the revenues, because constant money worries are very unhealthy). It awakens the best in us. Art and therapy (insert link) are for centuries connected to each other. I consider myself lucky that I’ve always had a good job that was pleasant most of the times. Thus, I was financially free to exercise my art in the way I feel good about it. See also my blog “Making art keeps your brains sharp” and Art and opportunities to show it.

Here is also another interesting link: https://photoprofessionals.wordpress.com/. Change the word photographer in artist.



Mythologie is vaak de bron van inspiratie. Ik probeer het goddelijke en het menselijke te verenigen in mijn schilderijen. Paarden en andere dieren, maar ook groente en fruit vindt u terug in mijn schilderijen. Portretten maak ik in opdracht. Regelmatig neem ik deel aan exposities nationaal en internationaal en heb vele prijzen gewonnen. Mijn werk is gepubliceerd in diverse uitgaven en aangekocht in binnen- en buitenland.

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