Nehalennia at Hilton Garden Inn Leiden

Nehalennia in Hilton Garden INN Leiden

Nehalennia, 100×50 cm, acrylic on Belgian linen

Nehalennia at Hilton Garden Inn Leiden

From November 28th 2015 hangs my painting “Nehalennia“, at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Leiden. It will be there to see about six weeks.

Nehalennia was a native goddess of the Low Countries which was adopted by the Romans. Nehalennia (also Nehalenia, Nehalaenniae, Nehalaenia) was a native patron goddess in the 2nd and 3rd century Gallia Belgica by travelers, especially sailors and traders, was honored at the estuary of the river Scheldt.

Nehalennia is known only from large amounts of altars found in Colijnsplaat and Domburg in what is now Zealand. (source Wikipedia)


Bubble Projects exhibits from each participating artist artwork for 6 weeks. Here the artist has the opportunity to tell about his work and method. In this way attracted a broad audience through the various offerings. Unique to FRESH is the official opening of the exhibition prior month. During the official opening every artist tells during a brief presentation about his work, materials and methods. This will be followed by a three course lunch, provided by Hilton Hotel. This is an ideal time to discuss and exchange information on the artworks.


Nehalennia at Hilton Garden Inn Leiden



Mythologie is vaak de bron van inspiratie. Ik probeer het goddelijke en het menselijke te verenigen in mijn schilderijen. Paarden en andere dieren, maar ook groente en fruit vindt u terug in mijn schilderijen. Portretten maak ik in opdracht. Regelmatig neem ik deel aan exposities nationaal en internationaal en heb vele prijzen gewonnen. Mijn werk is gepubliceerd in diverse uitgaven en aangekocht in binnen- en buitenland.


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